What Are the Different Types of Computer Software?

basic areas in which the software is used

Software is basically a set of instructions that tell a computer how to operate. This is much unlike physical hardware, in which the machine itself actually does all the work and is built using standardized programs. The software for a computer consists of both the hardware and the software.

There are two main types of software program. These are the user-level software program and the operating system software program. These two types of software program to play a very large role in operating the computer system.

User level software programs are what most people think about when they hear the word “software.” These type of applications are what you see on your desktop, on your menus, and anything else that has a label for an application. These are usually simple one-line applications. These user-level software programs assist the computer users to perform common tasks.

Operating system software program is the actual software that controls the computer system

On the other hand, there is an operating system software program. It controls the installation of hardware as well as the removal of software. This is why these types of software programs are more permanent and cannot be disabled like user-level software programs. These two main types of software programs control the entire computer system.

The last main category of software is the driver software. Driver is what enables your hardware to talk to your operating system software. This type of software determines what actions your computer system will take when a specific device is detected. It also dictates how your device will respond to commands. For example, if your keyboard detect a mouse then it would have a driver installed that allows the computer to recognize the mouse and respond accordingly.

So the next time you hear people call Linux OS obsolete, do not think that it is just because of the older technology. It is because of the long standing history of this system, which is over twenty years old. Many computer users have upgraded to this latest technology due to the many benefits they enjoy from doing so. To download free software that is perfect for your computer system visit my website today.


In today’s world with technology progressing at such a fast pace, it is no surprise that there are so many different types of software packages available for users. Some people prefer to use certain programs and some go with others. If you are looking for a particular software program that is very easy to use then you may want to try a particular package that is very popular with other people. In any case, no matter what computer software you decide on, you can always update it as new features become available.

There are many applications software packages that are designed for specific operating systems. A good example of this would be Microsoft application software for Windows. Microsoft provides different types of software for Windows operating systems. Some examples include: MS Office, Word, Excel, Access, Windows Live Writer, Windows Movie Maker, Windows Match and many more.

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