What Are the Causes of Premature Ejaculation?

Premature ejaculation is a common sexual problem that occurs almost in all males at some point in their lives. The main symptom of premature ejaculation is the difficulty to delay orgasm for more than a minute after penetration. But the trouble may also occur in all sex positions, even in masturbation. This condition makes intercourse life uncomfortable for both the partners.

premature ejaculation


It is caused by stress, anxiety, lack of confidence and other factors. Premature ejaculation develops as a result of anxiety and stress. When the male experiences the usual fear before a certain activity, this can cause him to feel anxiety and stress. Such a situation can lead to the weakness in the pelvic muscles. And weakness in the pelvic muscles can create discomfort in the vagina and urethra, accompanied by distress in her sexual activities.


Anxiety causes the urge to reach climax quickly to increase in intensity and frequency. It leads to over-excitement in men. Over-excitement of the body muscles leads to experiencing quick orgasm. But this can cause early ejaculation if it is not controlled properly. The continuous excitement and desire to orgasm quickly cause weakness in the pubococcygeus muscle, which causes premature ejaculation. Continuous stimulation of this muscle also causes premature orgasm.

Stress and anxiety are major causes of sexual dysfunction. This results in weakness in the body muscles and eventually in weak erection. When a male is suffering from anxiety, he tends to be tense in his muscles leading to early ejaculation. And this is also caused by lack of confidence.

Premature Ejaculation

Premature ejaculation may be caused by acquired premature ejaculation. Causes of this sexual dysfunction include mental stress, anxiety, and depression. Symptoms of acquired premature ejaculation may include ejaculating before or shortly after having sexual intercourse, leaking semen during sexual intercourse, feeling anxious and irritable. Abnormal ejaculatory response is caused by stress, anxiety, depression, and mental stress.

If premature ejaculation occurs frequently, then treatment should be sought. There are different methods available for treating this sexual dysfunction such as exercises to strengthen the PC muscle in the penis, psychological counseling, and medicines. Whatever treatment is adopted, it should be done under the direction of a trained medical doctor.


The effects of premature ejaculation on relationships are really bad. In the worst case scenario, a couple may choose to end their relationship. This can happen when a man is unable to control his ejaculation and thus makes love to his partner having an orgasm too soon. This leads to a complete break off the relationship.

However, premature ejaculation can be prevented by having a regular exercise routine and eating healthy foods. A healthy diet and regular exercise can help in delaying the ejaculation. However, stress and anxiety are considered the most common causes. These causes of erectile dysfunction have been researched and proven to be biological factors. And thus, treatment for this is available in different ways such as medications and counseling.

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