Types of Social Networking Sites

A social networking site is an internet platform that individuals use to form social relationships or online networks with others who share similar interests, activities, background or personal real life connections. These networks are usually maintained by the individual members or individuals themselves, but they sometimes include groups of people who come together based on common interests, hobbies or social networking goals. Social networking sites are usually called “weblogs” (anagrams for the hip, less formal term). The term “social networking” was first popularized by the early social networking site Facebook. This type of site is increasingly being used as a source for gaining social or professional networking skills and experiences.

social networking site


Social networking offers several features that facilitate communication and interaction between members. It is a great tool for sharing ideas, stories, thoughts, opinions, or any content that you would like to share with your friends, colleagues, or students. With social media site, you can easily meet new people and create new friendships; you can connect to families, peers, or anyone you share common interests with; and you can also create or join clubs or groups where you can share links to content that you would like to view.


A blog is a platform where individuals or groups can add content such as pictures, text, and other multimedia elements. Blogs provide a space for readers to add comments, share videos, photos and other multimedia contents that they find interesting. There are different blogging platforms available that enable people to share videos, photos, and text using different applications. Some of these include WordPress, Blogger, Movable Type, and LiveJournal. An easier way to add content is through social media platform that allows active users to add content by adding tags, keywords or text to the blogging platform.

In the past, social networking platforms were focused mainly on communicating with others within a community or organization. However, these days, this type of platform enables users to communicate and share data with anyone who is connected to the Internet. Examples of social networking site include Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Foursquare. These types of sites have become very popular to use because of the ability it offers its users to communicate, update, or manage their profiles. It also allows users to share videos, photos, or text with the purpose of circulating it across various networks and social websites. Examples of networking sites include Twitter, Google+, and Yahoo!


YouTube has emerged as one of the most popular ways in which online users can share videos. This video sharing network has millions of individuals who view videos everyday and so, it is one of the most popular social media platform that enables active users to interact with each other. So far, there are no signs that the popularity of this video sharing site will subside and it is predicted to reach five hundred million users in the future.

Blogging is also another very popular way in which active users and online business owners can share content with others and gain exposure. A blog is basically a journal or personal diary that anyone can upload content into. The most popular blogging site for this purpose is WordPress and so, bloggers all over the world are using this particular social networking platforms to publish their blogs. So far, WordPress has been able to gain immense popularity and so, it is predicted to reach one billion users within the next decade.

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