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The Logical Reasons Why The USA Flag Is Used

The USA flag is a symbol of pride for millions of Americans who are proud to be American citizens. The flag of the United States of America is often called the US flag or simply the US flag. It is a symbol of the unity of our country and the enduring symbol of freedom. It is known worldwide as the symbol of patriotism. This flag has great significance especially to those who have served our country in many different ways. The pride and satisfaction derived from serving your country can be described by the flag and the history that it represents.


Historically the USA flag was created by soldiers and sailors during the War of Independence from England.

The flag had horizontal stripes nine horizontal inches by fifty-eight vertical, with thirteen stars representing the original colonies of the United States. The Stars and Stripes are a national symbol of the United States of America. When the country was first established the Stars and Stripes were created by a committee of Continental Congress under the direction of John Adams. The design was adopted from the French flag and soon after it was changed into the US flag.


The Stars and Stripes are also known by other names such as the National Army Air Service flag,

National Maritime flag and National Army Colors. The original design was changed into a blue rectangle with thirteen stars representing the original states that made up the United States of America. As time changed the shape of the flag changed to the current shape that we know today. The blue color was changed from a blue starboard column to white three-pointed stars representing the states that are not part of the United States of America. The thirteen stars became white three-pointed pennants.


A large percentage of United States Citizens

are the finish or foreign origin. For this reason, the USA flag has become one of the most popular worldwide flags. The design that was adopted in 17 77 was meant to represent all Americans, the rich and powerful were allowed to use the blue color for their standard flag while the poor and less well-off were represented by the red color, which is the color of the American Red Cross. The white color is the same as the red Cross represents purity and virtue. It also symbolizes victory and peace.


During the Civil War, there was much tension between the Union troops and the Confederates.

On the Southern side of the Union, troops had colors of white and blue stripes, while the Confederates had red and white stripes. The Union soldiers were asked to surrender at the first site they encounter but many of them refused to do so. At Fort Sumter, a storm happened that left the fort’s defenders without any protection and most of them surrendered. The United States Navy also used the colors of blue and white stripes on their ships.


The symbolism of having the American Flag in your home says a great deal to many Americans.

It reminds them of the freedoms that the country is known for. Freedom is something that we all enjoy. There are many things that we do not have the freedom to do such as being drafted into the military or having our freedoms taken away from us. Having the American Flag with you when you go out shows the world that although you may not be part of a particular political party or culture, you still have much of what they are trying to protect. The USA flag symbolizes the unity that this great country has.

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