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The Complexities Of Hotel Tech

Thanks to the influential hospitality technology leaders and supporters, tech in hospitality has progressed far beyond what it was even one year ago! But there’s still so much more room to expand in hospitality! With today’s advancements in data analytics and machine learning, hotel tech resources have become increasingly complex, but the key is to balance that with business goals and a mission statement that drives those goals.


As a technology partner in hospitality

we help our clients identify current opportunities and emerging threats in the technology space and recommend best practice strategies for moving forward. Many of our partnerships are also directly tied to our core portfolio of hotel management software, which helps to support core business functions such as accounting, guest interaction, reservation, and reservation systems. This broad portfolio allows us to work with a wide range of businesses and brands to address specific challenges, including those in the ever-changing and highly competitive hotel market.


Some of the challenges

are more difficult than others, which is why we work with both start-up and established hospitality businesses. Start-ups may lack IT knowledge and experience in complex technologies. And established hotels can be slow to adopt new applications if they feel like the cost of implementing them is not justified by the revenue they will realize from improved productivity and profit margins. Both need to understand the benefits of implementing a comprehensive suite of hotel management software solutions from the ground up, including not only technical improvements but also brand repositioning and a reduction in process duplication. Both need to determine their return on investment in the short and long term and plan to mitigate any risk of failure in their chosen markets.


Another area of hospitality where tech in hospitality

has had a major impact is in providing convenient access to booking, room, and reservation information for guests. While there are several solutions available, the most common are online forms that guests fill out online, which get stored in the servers and accessed via the hotel’s mobile apps. One example is the Trip planner Add-On, which provides hotel guests with a convenient printable version of their upcoming travel plans. Other examples include Hotel Manager Pro, which manages and monitors reservation requests; Concierge 2.0, which provides concierge services for concierge services; and Hotel Job Tracker, which tracks job status and associated tasks. In addition to being highly functional and flexible, these tools are also very aesthetically pleasing, especially the popular Trip planner Add-On.


Beyond the tools themselves

many hotels utilize front desk service in addition to their existing hotel tech platform. Front desk service, which may include personal services like delivering towels, setting up tables, greeting guests, or answering questions, can be provided by separate agencies, or by one main company. Many times a front desk agent can actually perform these tasks using software that is on their mobile devices. This not only makes guest experiences more pleasant, but revenue management can be easier since a single solution is used for everything, including payment processing and inventory tracking.


Hotel Tech is an extremely complex business

that includes changing technology, industry trends, and new software applications. Because it is extremely complex and unique, Hotel Tech solutions must be developed from scratch and tested in-house by the hotel staff and by the customer. Hotel Tech solutions may come from software companies, such as NetSuite, AppCake, or other hospitality software companies that specialize in providing a diverse range of on-demand and hosted applications for today’s business hotels. Hotel Tech solutions need to address the challenges of providing guest satisfaction, inventory tracking, and managing the front office continuously. These services require a highly specialized mindset, along with a high level of patience and persistence.

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