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modern glasses

Modular glasses are a convenient way to change your style and at the same time still look great. Modular glass designs are changing the way we perceive eyeglasses and making them a little more fun to wear. Glasses can add or detract from your appearance, but now you can have a fun designer pair that also makes a fashion statement. The newest Modular glasses offer a number of styles and looks, ranging from sleek and simple to bright and bold, all while maintaining the Modular structure. This new glass set features 20 different styles, with 5 i Material Plus to each of the individual models, giving a full complement of glasses to go along with your fashion choice.


There are four primary lenses in this new eyeglass frame series. Each lens is made from immaterial and is designed specifically for that particular frame type. These sleek and sophisticated lenses come in a variety of colors to meet any eye color and help to compliment your current look. The colors include blue green, black, gold, white, and soft brown. This sleek and sophisticated new line of modern glasses offers a fresh alternative to eyeglass frames.

Modular eyeglass frames also come with complementary nose pads to complete your stylish new collection. The nose pad is an integral part of the modern glasses and helps to draw the eye upward when worn. Nose pads can be made from immaterial as well and give an extra touch of elegance to your Modular glasses. In addition to the nose pad, temple grips also come in a variety of colors to complete your fashionable look. Both temple grips and nose pads are removable and allow you to interchange them with other accessories to customize your look. This eyewear set also comes with built-in temple clips that are designed to allow you to use them with other temple grips and nose pads.


Complete modern glasses come with one-piece temples and one-piece nose pads to perfectly match and compliment your modern eyeglass frames. These innovative eyeglass frames are not like traditional eyeglasses where you need two different pairs of glasses to make your eyes look its best. With one-piece temples and one-piece nose pads, you will always have a pair of glasses that enhances your appearance. These frames are also designed to help correct your vision for better vision in any lighting condition. One of the best features of these revolutionary eyeglass frames is the lens shape correction feature that gives you a larger field of view than conventional eyeglass frames.

In addition to the shape correction feature of these modern glasses, they also come equipped with specially designed temples that are made to improve your vision. This unique feature enables your vision to remain clear and focused on whatever it is you are doing. You can wear this pair of spectacles just about anywhere including indoors and outdoors without any problems.


Finally, the frame designs of these designer sunglasses come with anti-reflective coating to shield your eyes from the glare of headlights, taillights, and other sources of light. You can wear them to read books, watch movies, surf the Internet, and even surf the web while working at your computer. Another great option is to use these frames when driving. With anti-glare and glare-reduction coating on the lens and sturdy metal temples, you can be sure that your eyes will be safe from harmful road debris and other hazards.

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