Setting Up a Dental Office? Consider the Need for Dental Office Furniture

dental office

Dental Office. Dental Office means the person dentists or dental clinic (whether a private firm, partnership or other organization) mentioned on the legal signature page and on the instrument of agreement. The term dental office is therefore also used to describe a dental care institution managed by a dentist which provides for the overall dental care needs of the community. The services provided by such an office can take the form of general preventive care, cosmetic dentistry, dental prosthetics etc.

Dental Office

The dental offices that are licensed by the State to provide dental services include dental clinics, private dental practices, family dentists’ offices, public and non-profit organizations offering dental services and dental offices. The dental practice dentists are those dentists who are individually registered dentists. In such a dental office, the dentists have the responsibility of treating patients under their charge. The dentists are not registered dentists unless they are authorized to practice by the State. Such dentists, however are qualified to practice dentistry under the supervision of either a licensed dentist or a dentist registered with the State.

In the dental clinics, the dental office reception area consists of the waiting room, the dental laboratory and the laboratory of technical appliances. The waiting room has a general look with two sets of double beds, one for the patient and the other for the dental practitioner. There are bright lights and music playing in the waiting room. This is the general appearance of most dental offices across the State. The dental laboratory includes x-rays, laser technology, medical lasers etc.

Dental Clinic

The dental clinic usually has a laboratory of dental equipment where most of the dental services are performed. Some of the common equipments that are found in such laboratories are dental lasers, dental cameras, dental x-ray machines, dental scales, dental conductive instruments and a lot more. Most dental clinics also provide a post office along with the dental clinic. The post office serves as a place where mail is received and picked up by the dentist. At times, insurance claims can also be processed here.

A dental assistant is an employee who is specially trained to assist the dentists in their work. Dental assistants perform various tasks like taking appointment, handling appointments, booking appointments, greeting patients, filling out patient information, taking dental x-ray, packaging dental products, labeling supplies etc. Most of these dental assistants also help in the preparation of the X-ray films.


One of the most important parts of any dental practice is the dental patient chairs. Dental patient chairs are used while a patient is receiving dental services. These dental patient chairs are generally designed in such a way that patient’s legs are comfortably attached to the chair. They are also made in such a way that the back of the patient can be lifted. These seats ensure that the teeth of the patient are kept in proper place and don’t slide down while the person is undergoing a dental procedure. Dental patient chairs should be purchased from a good dental practice that has a reputation and experience.

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