Katana Correctly Using the Correct Sword Handles For Beginners

Using A Katana Correctly

One of the most useful martial arts weapons is the Katana, it is strong, deadly, and a great way to defend yourself. Unfortunately, you cannot just jump into using it without knowing what you are doing or without proper training and experience. This article will give you some tips on how to use your katana correctly. This will help you increase your skill level, improve your self-confidence, and keep yourself from getting a nasty surprise at a karate academy.


First of all, before you can even begin to learn how to swing your katana, you need to become a senior citizen. In order to do this you must live in Japan for at least three years, or enroll in an online school for at least five years. Once you have reached this requirement you can then file a “senior citizen” request with the Tokyo Metropolitan Government. Once you have this request you can then obtain your sword.


Next, you will need to know what a shinai is. A shinai is a portion of a banana that has been worn tighter in order to decrease the possibility of slipping. If you do slip, you will need to pivot over the back of your opponent and then beat him to the ground. You will need to do this quickly so that your opponent does not notice you have slipped and come after you. Remember, if your opponent has a large penis he may be able to beat you to the ground within a few seconds.


Finally, you will need to purchase your own katana. To do this you should go to a department store and purchase a junior katana for one thousand dollars. After you have purchased your sword you should then go online and purchase a senior katana. Senior means that it has a longer blade, weigh between two and three pounds, and is eight inches in length. It also has a tapered curvature and is four inches in length. After you have purchased your katana and obtained your weapons certification you should then take your weapon into a martial arts academy and get trained by a highly skilled swordsman.

Once you have received your weapons certification from your master, you will need to make another trip to the martial arts academy. This time you should bring your newly constructed junior katana, the one that you purchased earlier, along with your shinai. When you visit the training hall, you will be required to demonstrate your ability with both your sword and your shins in front of a highly skilled swordsman.

During your demonstration you will need to introduce yourself and explain what type of weapon you are attempting to use. You will also need to explain your concept of kendo. For instance, if you are attempting to create a straight thrust you will state the word “ketsubai” (straight thrust). If you are attempting to ward off multiple attacks with your sword you will state the word “hara” (whichever direction the blade is going) and if you are trying to ward off the attacks with your shinai you will state “warai” (the left hand). It may sound confusing at first but after seeing the many demonstrations of how to properly hold a sword and defend yourself on the internet you will understand the basic concepts of what is required.

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