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Healing Crystal

Healing crystal is a modern alternative-medical practice which utilizes crystals and gemstones like agate, quartz, amethyst, or other semi-precious stones and claims that they possess special healing properties. Many followers of this practice believe that these possess magical powers, but without a scientific basis to back up such claims. Some of the beliefs include: crystals bring the past into the present; crystals heal illness; crystals to ward off evil spirits; crystals promote spiritual development; crystals change one’s body, mind or soul; and that crystals aid meditation. There is not scientific evidence to support any of these beliefs.

Healing Crystal

Healing crystals are also called crystal stones, healing stones or life stones. They are made from tiny pieces of quartz, feldspars or other minerals. Each piece is cut into slivers and then whitened so it can be molded into a bowl, plate, earring, stone bead, necklace or ring. They can be found in almost any color, shape or size, and often displayed in a necklace or ring set with other gemstones.

The healing crystals used in jewelry are usually found in the mines of Colombia, Bolivia, Mexico, Peru, Chile and Brazil. The stones are grown in different countries in South America, and sometimes in Africa. In some instances, the stones are mined in the Andes Mountains in Peru, while they are found in the Caribbean Sea off the coast of Venezuela.


The healing crystal is thought to come from the planetoid Abouzelle, which passes through the atmosphere of our solar system and comes within the Earth’s magnetosphere. This is why the crystals can be found on the Moon, Mars, and Jupiter. A soulless white stone, the Abouzelle is often mistaken for an opal, however the similarity between the two is purely accidental. The name “Abouzelle” comes from a prayer attributed to Bl. Isaac Abouzelle who lived in Jerusalem around the year 1000 B.C.

An alternative name for the healing crystal is Selene, which comes from a Hebrew word meaning “peace.” These stones are also called seventies, which are actually a form of corundum, and which are typically used in creating rings. It has been suggested that selenium is the safest form of gemstone available to consumers today because it has no other mineral content that might affect its healing properties. It is this very same quality that has led it to be widely used in all parts of the world as a natural substance to promote overall well-being and psychic power.


As to the powers of these crystals, many say that they work through a higher level of spiritual energy. People who use them say that certain colors, such as light blue or white, have the most positive effects on them, while crystals with darker hues or colors tend to be the most beneficial ones. It is this kind of personal experience, which is the biggest inspiration behind the widespread use of such stones today. Askiosie told his readers that the crystals which are placed upon his patients’ bodies help to make their skin better able to absorb the healing force that comes with them. Rose quartz is said to help increase confidence levels, while sapphire and ruby work to encourage creativity. Whether these beliefs are true or not, many people who use crystal stones say that they are the answer to making their lives happier and more successful.

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