Game-Changer by David E. Macpherson

GameChanger, based in New York and San Francisco, is the leading provider of live Scoreboards and Scorecard Software. GameChanger is an innovative technology company that develops simple and highly effective products for youth sports teams and the communities surrounding them. GameChanger’s online site and mobile application offer scores, stats, live game streams, and recap show to millions of basketball, baseball, and softball teams and their followers. The company also offers personalization options for its products such as batting cage covers, throwback jerseys, bumper stickers, apparel, trading cards, and autographs.


Game-Changer also provides extensive training for its members

With over ten years of industry experience in the business, Game-Changer has developed a solid reputation as one of the best game-changers in the industry. As a result of this high level of expertise and commitment to customer satisfaction, the Game-Changer business plans are carefully structured to give the creators of the Game-Changer system the time they need to expand their product line, develop new applications, and hire professional game-changers. As a result, Game-Changer continually expands its global footprint to meet the needs of youth baseball, football, basketball, soccer, tennis, track and field, and other sports that require a great game-changer.


Game-Changer focuses

on developing an intuitive interface so that users can effectively manage their teams, run the game, and utilize their analytics data. To accomplish these goals, Game-Changer has adopted a rigorous game theory approach that emphasizes the importance of implementing proper nouns and verbs for describing the game in terms that fans understand. For example, in a play, a team’s score is the appropriate term to describe the event, not the number of hits or outs. The term “Runners Up” should also be avoided, as this describes an offensive situation where the score is tied. Likewise, in a win, a team’s score is the proper noun. And in a defeat, the proper noun is “drawn.”


According to David McAdams

Game-Changer co-author and Managing Partner of Boardroom Sports Management, the overwhelming majority of corporate sports management publications lack a cohesive strategy that connects its various sections. Consequently, many executives fail to effectively execute their own teams’ game-plan regardless of how sound it may be. McAdams additionally contends that this gap leaves many executives feeling as if they are “stuck in a rut,” as their strategies are not fit for their own companies. Game-Changer seeks to address these shortcomings by developing a series of core principles that serve as the foundation for all of its articles, and which are then further broken down into smaller sub-principles. These include:


Additionally, David McAdams contends

that many business plans fail to adequately address one of the most important components necessary for a successful plan: business change. The book discusses three primary types of change: incremental, radical, or hybrid. Each type exhibits certain characteristics, but none of them can be considered a game-changer. incremental change, for instance, can be characterized by a series of small but potentially meaningful changes over time. In contrast, radical change, which includes major shifts that often result in profound cultural and business repercussions, is not easily categorized as anything other than a game-changer.


In sum, Game-Changer provides

a new and innovative framework that illuminates how small yet significant changes can create tremendous momentum. The author’s simple explanation of business game theory provides a powerful framework through which managers, investors, and employees can evaluate their organizations and identify their strengths and weaknesses. This book review aims to provide a more personal perspective on the book’s important concepts and game theory. I think Game-Changer is an exceptional and insightful read that will help executive managers and other people who have a vested interest in building a more competitive, efficient, and successful organization to truly understand what they can do to improve their strategies.

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