Finding a Real Estate Law Firm in Your Area

Real Estate Law

A real estate lawyer is a legal professional who counsels clients on their legal obligations and duties when purchasing, selling, or rehabilitating a real estate property. Real estate law encompasses the purchase and sale of real estate, which means the ownership, right to use, and responsibility for any buildings or properties on it. Property owners must follow strict rules when it comes to real estate transactions, such as hiring a real estate lawyer to negotiate contracts and make sure that the transaction complies with all laws. Real estate lawyers, also called real estate attorneys or real estate solicitors, play an important role in this ever-changing yet lucrative industry. Lawyers help consumers and businesses deal with real estate transactions that go wrong, representing them in court, and helping them to settle their disputes in a fair and equitable manner.

Real estate lawyers can be found in most cities and many offer free consultations where they assess the needs of their clients and give them advice. Real Estate Law covers everything from owning residential properties to leasing commercial spaces. Real estate deals include purchasing, renting or leasing commercial spaces. They can also represent their clients in cases involving civil suits, like when a tenant or client files a lawsuit against the landlord for violation of building or housing regulations. Lawyers can also be involved when resolving marital problems, negotiating compensation for personal injury, reviewing and granting modifications to residential leases, reviewing and negotiating contracts for tenants, and more.

Commercial Real Estate Law

Covers the development, planning, owning, leasing, and dealing with the issues of developing land use, preserving the natural environment, and preventing harm to the surrounding community. This can include the development of housing, industrial and commercial buildings, improving local transportation systems, zoning regulations and environmental laws related to air quality, water conservation, building regulations, and land use. Real Estate Law applies to both residential and non-residential property. Real Estate Law also includes environmental laws such as environmental impact statements, easements, conservation easements, and pollution control measures.

For individuals or businesses looking to invest in residential property, there are several attorneys to consider. In Palm Beach County, attorney Frank Reddaway specializes in Real Estate Law. Attorney Reddaway’s work focuses on Real Estate Law that applies to both residential and commercial properties. He is an active member of the Palm Beach County Bar Association and is a board of directors of Capstone Real Estate Consulting, LLC, a Sarasota-based environmental management firm. As an attorney, he represents a group of families who have been impacted by environmental contamination caused by various kinds of land use, including agriculture, lawn care, and animal and wild life sanctuaries.

commercial real estate transactions

Palm Beach County is not the only place in Florida where one might find real estate lawyers. In Boca Raton, one can find Johnathon S. Lay, a Palm Beach County real estate lawyer who is experienced with all facets of real estate transactions, including residential, commercial, and vacant land transactions. Mr. Lay has handled numerous cases throughout Palm Beach County, including those associated with deeds of trust, liens, mortgages, and foreclosure. His practice focuses on assisting clients who may be in danger of having their properties foreclosed on. He is also familiar with issues that involve the Lake Lanier Joint Authority, a water body that forms part of the Treasure Coast and is managed by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection.

Those wishing to engage in commercial real estate transactions should seek out representation from attorneys who are also members of the Palm Beach Association of Realtors and the Florida Commercial Real Estate Association. Both groups work to help ensure that all Palm Beach County residents receive the proper compensation when they suffer injury or lose their property because of another person’s negligence. These professionals can be instrumental in assisting clients negotiate the details of any real estate transaction, as well as resolving any problems that may arise during the negotiations. The attorneys listed here are just some of the many attorney groups that can help the Palm Beach market. Individuals interested in starting a law firm should contact the Palm Beach State Attorney General’s Office for more information. Law firms represent a diverse clientele, and the state attorney’s office provides the website information for each of the attorneys that are members of the association.

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