Energy Efficient Lighting – Save Energy and Money on Your Utility Bills

environmental considerations

Skylights can save energy through a number of different ways. Some of these ways are through lowering the amount of heat that is lost through windows and doors. Skylights also save energy through proper installation, design, and environmental considerations. This is especially a good benefit for homes in the winter months when the heat from their air conditioning units can lead to significant heat loss.

Another positive impact skylight savings can have on a home is the amount of energy saved through passive solar gain. Though not as great as the amount of heat lost through windows and doors, passive skylight gains significantly more energy than they give back. Still, this energy does not have to be directly turned into heat. Instead, it is stored in skylight frames or in cloudy days. This allows skylights to work even when temperatures are cool and conserves money on utilities every month.

electricity used from artificial light

Skylight management can also help to reduce the amount of electricity used from artificial light. This includes the use of dimmers, the placement of skylights on walls or other structures to reduce glare, and the use of special fixtures designed to reduce or eliminate the amount of artificial illumination. Even skylight curtains can be used to help reduce the amount of energy used for artificial illumination. Many people choose to leave their curtains open during the daytime so that they can still enjoy natural daylighting, but using shades or blinds to block most of the glaring light can cut down on the need for artificial lighting significantly.

The way that skylight shades and blinds operate is slightly complicated, but is largely the same throughout. Traditional blinds and shades are operated through a series of switches. These switches can be controlled by touch or a remote switch. When the lighting controls are operated through touch, they will either automatically turn lights on or off. Remote lighting controls can be controlled in the same way.

choosing a heating and cooling system

One more way to save energy and reduce the need for electricity is by choosing a heating and cooling system with low temperatures. These systems have a built-in mechanism that will lower the temperature of the air surrounding the windows. They will automatically lower the temperature in the colder months, which saves energy on the furnace and air conditioning costs, and in the summertime they will lower the room temperature without much effort on the part of the homeowners.

Homeowners can also take other steps to help save energy and money on their utility bills by replacing inefficient appliances and lighting fixtures. Many newer, energy-efficient models come with Energy Star labels, which indicate that the unit is highly efficient. They will typically offer a significant savings on electricity. The money saved can be applied to the cost of the replacement item. Replacing worn-out bulbs and replacing lights with energy-efficient ones will also substantially reduce electricity costs.

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