Divorce Lawyer – Why You Need One

legal attorney that does divorce and family law

Divorce is the legal term used to refer to any process of dissolving a marriage or relationship, whether the couple is divorced or not. There are many instances in which people may choose to go through a divorce, with one partner seeking a divorce or the other refusing it. In some countries, the divorce law allows a man to be single while the wife goes through a divorce; but in other countries, both parties are entitled to a divorce.

The word divorce itself means separation. So, to state, a divorce attorney is someone who helps you get legally separated from your partner and then later gets remarried. The word family law refers to the body of laws that includes matters related to domestic violence, property, child custody and adoption, and divorce among others. The family laws of different states differ, but these are some things that a divorce lawyer can do for you. The divorce attorney can assist you with anything that may come up during your divorce case.

lot of reasons why you might want to seek legal advice from a divorce lawyer

If you and your spouse have been married for some time now and you want to separate, there are reason would be if you want to protect yourself from being sued by your former spouse for any alleged wrongdoing. For instance, you and your spouse had an affair and you want to protect yourself by avoiding court action. Or maybe, you were the victim of spousal abuse and you want to take this matter to court. A divorce lawyer would help you if your claim is valid and that you and your spouse cannot reach an understanding about the matter.

Another good reason to consider hiring a divorce lawyer would be to have your divorce approved by the court system. The laws vary greatly by state and although most divorces go through the divorce court system, not all divorces do. It can be very difficult for a couple who has gotten married to get their divorce papers through the court system and hiring an attorney who specializes in divorce proceedings may make the process easier for both you and your spouse.

hiring a divorce lawyer may still be helpful

You may also choose to retain the services of a divorce lawyer if you are fighting for child custody or other issues. Again, the laws vary by state and if you hire an attorney who has experience working with these types of cases, you stand a better chance of having your custody requests approved. It may also be easier for you and your spouse to reach an agreement on other matters, especially if the two of you have already consulted with each other about the children.

If neither of you wants to divorce, but you do want to end the marriage . There are situations where you and your spouse will want to settle the terms of divorce, such as spousal support, but you may not want to end the marriage over the amount of money that is involved. In these situations it may be more practical to hire an attorney to represent you, rather than attempt to represent yourself.

Even if you do not need to seek child support or other relief through an attorney, having representation will make things easier on you in the long run, as it will ensure that you receive fair representation and that the final terms of your divorce will be satisfactory to both you and your spouse.

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