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Contact Lenses: Long-Term Vision Correction

Contact lenses are one of the most comfortable and time-saving ways to correct one’s vision. Contacts are available in several shapes, styles, materials, and colors. One of the most popular varieties is soft contact lenses, which are available in various popular brands such as Freshlook, Durasoft, and Acuvue. Soft contact lenses are generally made of water-based, gel-like, hyaluronic acid-based hydrogel materials. These lenses tend to be very thin and flexible and can easily conform to the front section of your eye.


Presbyopia is one of the most common vision impairments,

and accounts for about 25 percent of all visual impairments. Presbyopia is a condition where a person’s eyes become aged as a result of their aging eye muscles. The eyes gradually lose their ability to focus light on a particular area and can cause an individual to experience much discomfort when trying to read or watch things. Because of this, many people suffer from presbyopia, but if vision is corrected with contact lenses, the individual will experience fewer vision impairments than those individuals without corrective aids.


There are two main categories of soft contact lenses –

polycarbonate and hydrostatic. The former is rigid and has a much more intense oxygen permeability than soft contacts do. However, it is not able to provide as much moisture and can often experience some degree of abrasion as well. The latter is flexible and allows much more oxygen flow to a person’s eyes. This allows a wider range of correction for different situations.


Many people wear contact lenses for extended periods,

and extended wear lenses can be used by those who need continual attention to their vision. Extended wear lenses require that the individual remove them once a month. There is generally no abrasion associated with wearing extended wear lenses and they are usually available in a variety of colors, styles, and prescription types. Some people choose to wear only one type of lens over a long period, while others prefer to change prescription types regularly to adapt to any changes in their vision requires.


There are many styles of contact lenses available to purchase.

Most are available in soft or gas permeable varieties, although there are a select few that are only available in rigid contact lenses. Those who only wear contact lenses on a short-term basis should consider those that have higher oxygen permeability and those that provide higher moisture and comfort levels. All contact lenses should be prescribed by a physician to ensure proper care. Each patient should follow the specific instructions provided with each lens to ensure proper care.


Contact lenses

offer many benefits to those who are unable to see because of eye disease, aging, or visual impairment. The convenience and comfort of contact lenses provide an alternative to having to wear eyeglasses. They can also be worn 24 hours a day, whenever desired. If one is experiencing vision problems and wants to try this alternative, they should check with a doctor to determine if this type of vision correction is right for them.

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